Racing Game [WIP]

Something I have been developing for some time… Still lots of things to do, and this is just an alpha work in progress preview of the game.

Quick info about the game and what’s planned:
• Will be for Android, iOS, Windows. Mac and Linux.
• An Extreme Racing game (Off-road and On-road)
• Single Player + MultiPlayer
• Some planned game modes: normal racing, drifting and some mini games like hill climb, destruction derby etc.
• Customizable cars
• Variable route tracks

 I will post more screenshots and video some time 😉

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  • Cherry Anand

    Hi bro, this is really cool. by the way i want to see destruction derby screen shots… looks like this is going to be better than the previous one. :)

    • Miksumortti

      Hi and thanks, I don’t have yet destruction derby mode done but when I have something of that finished I can add screenshots.