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In Spin-Tops you will be spinning with your battle Spin-Top around stadiums and try to knock your opponents down before your top stops. Tilt your phone/tablet to crash, race and collide with opponent Spin-Tops.
You can customize your Spin-Top with many different parts, which have own stats affecting the performance of your Spin-Top. You can also use powerful Special Attacks based on Element Plate.

Play either a simple quick match, try to get the best high score in Arcade mode fighting against endless opponents, or win tournament cups in Career mode.

Realistic physics simulation will ensure that matches will be more exciting and not always the same, allowing many different gameplay tactics.

Now with online high score leaderboards and achievements using Google Play Games, get to the top of the leaderboards and collect all of the achievements!

• Realistic physics (NVIDIA PhysX)
• 7 Stadiums (+1)
• 11 Spin-Tops and over 40 different parts.
• Special attacks
• 4 Launch cords
• 3 Game modes
• Online high score leaderboards
• 26 Achievements
• Detailed textures and 3D models, reflections, real-time shadows
• And more is coming with updates (special attacks, stadiums, Spin-Tops and game modes)
• Powered by Unity game engine

List what you get with the IAP: (0.89€ – varies according to currency)

• Get all ads removed
• New stadium: ‘Marching Cubes’
• Support development
• Get more extra content with some future updates

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• https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fi.Miksumortti.SpinTops

Update Log

0.9.9 (4.10.2018)
• Improved UI
• Crash fixes, optimisations and various improvements
• Updated engine and all libraries

0.9.8b3 (27.7.2018)
• Crash fixes and improvements

0.9.8 (14.12.2017)
• New special attack: Hurricane Spin
• Improved graphics when shadows are disabled

0.9.7 (29.5.2017)
• Enhanced texture quality
• Achievement fixes and other improvements

0.9.6 (17.2.2017)
• Complete refresh with enhanced graphics, new shaders, real-time shadows etc.
• Google Play Games for leaderboards and achievements
• Various improvements, bug fixes and optimisations (25.8.2015)
• Improvements and quickfixes for last update (21.8.2015)
• Sonic Boom new special attack
• Menu improvements
• Graphic updates
• New Miksumortti logos
• Optimizations
• Fixed bugs
• Updated plugins (23.1.2015)
• 2 Special Attacks (FireFly and Tesla Strike)
• More dynamic camera
• Improved graphics and menu
• Autorotate screen in menus
• Updated plugins
• Lots of fixes, optimizations and improvements (30.12.2013)
• Fixed arcade score saving on Hexa-Comb stadium
• Some little tweaks (3.12.2013)
• New control option: on-screen joystick
• New sound effects and resampled old sounds for better quality
• Fixed player top from falling through stadiums, finally! 🙂
• Some tweaks to menus
• Fixed bugs and errors (13.10.2013)
• Some optimizations
• Changed links to new website
• Bugfixes (28.7.2013)
• Fixed Workshop Spin Disk selection
• Fixed bugs (16.5.2013)
• Updated Swarm SDK: now you can customize your profile and there are other new features and improvements
• Fixed many Career related, and user reported bugs
• Added control sensitivity setting
• Added ‘Prebuilt Tops’ selection in Market
• Dynamic score and extra speed when stopping an opponent in Arcade mode (more with more hits)
• One new achievement
• Added info ticker and update checker
• Some small improvements
• Replaced sign up ads with normal interstitial ads
• Updated ad SDKs (20.2.2013)
• Online leaderboards and achievements using Swarm!
• New stadium for In-App Purchasers: ‘Marching Cubes’!
• Main menu buttons are scrollable
• More accurate collision detect (should reduce the sinking bug)
• Fixed opponents bug on match start
• Scaled some stadiums bigger
• Updated Unity engine and all SDKs
• Optimizations
• Removed some unused data
• Some small bugfixes (3.1.2013)
• Fixed the not working close/continue button
• Optimized shaders -> better performance
• Small bugs fixed
• A bit smaller file size (2.12.2012)
• New Stadium! – S-T-Droid
• Fix for a rare problem in market
• Other fixes
• New Credits (to fit new stuff needed to comply with Android brand guidelines) (7.11.2012)
• Option to enable/disable 32-Bit graphics
• Bugfixes
• Some changes (19.10.2012)
• Fixed “stuck” match when player and opponent stop the same time
• Slightly more responsive Spin-Tops movement with accelerometer
• Bigger touch area for Launch Cords in Market
• Updated plugins
• Reduced pop-up ads (9.10.2012)
• Fixed auto-sleep in Career and disabled it in menus
• Small fixes (28.9.2012)
• In-App Purchase to get ads removed and support development
• Updated engine -> Fixes crashes and bugs
• Fixed bugs
• Optimizations (11.9.2012)
• Optimized Market and Workshop part selections
• Miscellaneous bugs fixed
• Google+ button in Options (31.8.2012)
• Part stats are now shown in Market also
• Fixed “wrong way launching”
• Some small fixes (30.8.2012)
• Bigger grabbing area for Launch Cord (easier especially for small phones)
• Your Spin-Top spins a little bit longer
• Various bugs fixed (21.8.2012)
• Bigger buttons (on higher resolution)
• Slightly bigger fonts
• Adjusted options toggles
• Some small changes and fixes (18.8.2012)
• Fixed the tiny buttons on high dpi devices
• Fixed critical bugs in part market
• Added Share button in options
• Preparations for special attacks
• New splash screen and start-up screen
• Optimizations
• Fixed move to SD-Card
• Some small changes (12.8.2012)
• Bug fixes
• Back-end changes to support coming features
• Added Opponents Stopped counter to stats
• Added update dates to ChangeLog (8.8.2012)
• Updated Unity engine -> should improve some things and fix bugs
• Fixed missing materials in tournament mode and other bugs
• Updated plugins (7.8.2012)
• Fixed some small bugs
• Reduced unnecessary text mass in help/tutorial (6.8.2012)
• First published version

Android and Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.

  • Whosdeez

    Please add more power in spin tops

    • Rex

      How much this app cost

  • Vinicius Francisco

    Update pls

  • Jstar 123

    Can u pls update the game it has amazing potential it can be better pls stop sleeping

  • Neev


  • David

    Hey! I love this game, but we need more updates. Please, add multiplayer!

  • Kenned S. Kenedy

    Hello, this game is very cool and magnífic. Plz add a Vs Bluetooth mode game 🙂

  • Xel-kun

    Ummm, hello! I’m kinda new to the game and I find it hard to get a good launch. Most of the time I get either 1800, 2300, or 800 RP T_T. Any tips?

    • Miksumortti

      Hi, you could try to grab the launch cord from the thin end to get wider swipe distance and do a consistent long pull.

  • Bronsen

    Bro, Multiplayer Lan Mode would actually be the f*cking bomb with this game dude! Also if you could make the legit Beyblade elements and names it would be great, I understand that has copyright issues but I could help you out.

  • Havoc push

    You should add lan game

  • Karthik rao

    Please add bit beasts to every beyblade and added some more beyblade

  • Eflo

    Hi I have a question why does the game not work on the Samsung galaxy prime like it will start but then I kicks me out and I have said it on the rates and everything so I was wondering is you could fix it

  • Kishore

    When will the career mode end?? Is it endless??

  • Dante

    Why doesn’t it work on galaxy S7, please reply.

  • Blank The-Animatronic

    When will be next update!?

  • Fanqi

    Hi, why are all the text in the game super small, it is impossible to even try to read, I’m using Nexus 5

  • Yasir Abbas

    Hi for some reason the app doesn’t work on my s7

  • NumShar

    WOW. What an amazing game my friend, I have been busy on it for a long time now, approximately been waiting for 2 months for the update.
    So if you would not mind could you please tell us when the updates are coming as I have finished the career and want to explore more with the element plates (other than those with current special powers).

    If possible could there be an option where you can add to the spin tops stats, I. E improve its attack, by increasing the numbers through the cost of xp.

    Once again amazing game buddy!!!
    Can’t wait for the upgrades.
    Keep up the good work.